I love those words
Sat Nov 24, 2018 07:47

Zevalyn smiled warmly as she felt Kir’s arms wrap around her, and a pleased feeling if warmth spread through her at his words. She really did have the best boyfriend ever.

“It’s not ideal,” she told him, escaping his embrace only to peck a kiss to his lips. “Fir one thing, just you is a very small sample size. For another, yo are aware you are being the control group, which may be okay, depending on what your testing but doesn’t allow for placebo effects if those are possible because you know you’re not getting whatever is being tested.”

  • Three little words (tag Zevalyn)Kir McLeod, Sat Nov 24 06:16
    Kir made his way through the library and, spotting his girlfriend, made his way over. He slipped his arms around her, and whispered those three special little words softly into her ear. "Teach me... more
    • I love those words — Zev, Sat Nov 24 07:47
      • I thought you mightKir, Sat Nov 24 07:55
        "Hey, who are you calling a small sample size?" he asked, easily resting his chin on her head. "Hmm. And if the effect of Whatever We're Testing is... let's say ambiguous and fuzzy at best, then... more
        • That's why I love youZevalyn, Sat Nov 24 21:34
          Zevalyn laughed at Kir's little joke, then nodded approval of his analysis of self-assessment. "Ah, Confusing and Confounding solutions," she remarked in understanding. "They would make self-analysis ... more
          • I love you for lots of reasonsKir, Sat Nov 24 22:16
            "Well, I wasn't going to try the self-analysis whilst under their influence. I no longer am, by the way. This is as normal as I get "I figured that a good test of my faculties was whether I could... more
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