I thought you might
Sat Nov 24, 2018 07:55

"Hey, who are you calling a small sample size?" he asked, easily resting his chin on her head. "Hmm. And if the effect of Whatever We're Testing is... let's say ambiguous and fuzzy at best, then getting me to self rate my skills before and after taking isn't very valid, because I know what I expect the results to be.

"We had to take confusing and confunding solutions in Potions today and we're supposed to write an analysis. I want to work out how I'd turn it into an actual scientific experiment. I mean, if I was doing it again. Obviously what I have is not very scientific. But I probably annoyed Winston, so hey... Not a bad lesson."

  • I love those wordsZev, Sat Nov 24 07:47
    Zevalyn smiled warmly as she felt Kirís arms wrap around her, and a pleased feeling if warmth spread through her at his words. She really did have the best boyfriend ever. ďItís not ideal,Ē she told... more
    • I thought you might — Kir, Sat Nov 24 07:55
      • That's why I love youZevalyn, Sat Nov 24 21:34
        Zevalyn laughed at Kir's little joke, then nodded approval of his analysis of self-assessment. "Ah, Confusing and Confounding solutions," she remarked in understanding. "They would make self-analysis ... more
        • I love you for lots of reasonsKir, Sat Nov 24 22:16
          "Well, I wasn't going to try the self-analysis whilst under their influence. I no longer am, by the way. This is as normal as I get "I figured that a good test of my faculties was whether I could... more
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