So, socially educated types can get as touchy as they want?
Sat Nov 24, 2018 08:03

"The best for someone is letting them be themselves. The best should not include violence or coercion. You think it'd be best for someone to stay in a home where someone's threatening or hurting them? No one deserves that, do they?"

  • Well. There it was. McLeod's family's charity was some attempt to undermine pureblood values and to split up families. "I think you'll find that most families just want what's best for their... more
    • So, socially educated types can get as touchy as they want? — Kir, Sat Nov 24 08:03
      • "Well of course no one should be hurt or threatened!" This was just getting insulting, now. Did McLeod really think Victor would be on-board with all of that? "But that doesn't mean people should... more
        • No one should be harmed or threatened. Good. That was reassuring. Rational human decency, one point. But being yourself bad, random spurious comparison to something that wasn't relevant... Score one... more
          • Yeah, well, that's my business, not yoursVictor, Sun Nov 25 04:02
            "You can't help who you fall in love with," Victor conceeded. "But that doesn't mean you should act on it. There are certain rules in society, and they have to be followed. If I fell in love with a... more
            • Depends.Kir, Sun Nov 25 08:32
              "I never really understood that... You're all so pro-magic - being magical, it's strength, it's the best thing there is. There's a few things you can't do with magic. Bring back the dead, and... more
              • Re: Depends.Anonymous, Sun Nov 25 08:42
                Wow. Okay, McLeod was either on another planet, or mad, or a fairytale story created in human form with an extra dose of annoying. Either way, why wasn't he in Aladren? "Umm..." began Victor,... more
                • Good argumentKir, Sun Nov 25 08:52
                  "You admit that love isn't something that someone can help. And that no one deserves to be punished for it," thank Merlin. "And love can't be controlled by magic. Anyone who tells you they can change ... more
                  • Re: Good argumentAnonymous, Sun Nov 25 09:05
                    "I don't f****** know the solution," replied Victor, exasperated at this entire conversation now. He wanted to say that he shouldn't know, that he wasn't an adult, but that seemed a little... more
                    • I think I hit a nerveKir, Sun Nov 25 09:15
                      Victor was swearing. For someone who valued control, he wasn't showing a lot of it. So, clearly what Kir said was striking some kind of nerve. Kir knew he was annoying. At least to the likes of... more
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