That's what the showman said!
Sat Nov 24, 2018 17:46

"Thanks," replied Finn, putting his bag down and starting to extract all his books and papers.

"Sadly it is," he agreed. That was always the downside of term coming to an end. He couldn't wait until those last few days of term, when exams were over and everyone could relax togather before going home for the summer.

"How are you finding the work?" Finn asked Simon. "Let me know if you need any help, or just want quizzing or something similar, and I can see what I remember from last year." he didn't want to interrupt Simon's studying, but he also remembered that CATS revision could be quite daunting. In his opinion, such things were best not tackled alone.

  • Coconuts would be better.Simon Mordue, Sat Nov 24 13:20
    There was, Simon was coming to realize, too much work to do in the amount of time he had. There was also, he was even more reluctantly coming to realize, no way to explain this to his father which... more
    • That's what the showman said! — Finn, Sat Nov 24 17:46
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