Let's hope so
Sat Nov 24, 2018 19:47

Katerina talked to him. Dorian was about to hastily point out that he didn't count - after all, the idea of him being some kind of secret object of affection to anyone, let alone Katerina, seemed completely ridiculous - when Tatya... effectively did it for him.

It echoed all the things Matthieu said. It echoed them, and it tied it back to that lesson, to what he was. And she was calling it all stupid. It was like something icy had settled over his heart. His arm stayed around Tatiana but for a minute he thought he had forgotten entirely how to breathe.

"Yes... nice. Nice necklace," he murmured as Tatiana played with her jewellery. "Why stupid?" he asked, more focussed, as the rest of what she had said caught up to him.

  • “She talk to you,” pointed out Tatiana when assured that Katya didn’t talk to boys. “You not listen to glyupaya professor, decide to be girl now, eh, Dorya?” she teased. “Bad idea. You’d not like.”... more
    • Let's hope so — Dorian, Sat Nov 24 19:47
      • Now I shall sulk.Tatiana, Sat Nov 24 20:02
        “Everyone always say - be good girl, Tanya. Sit, Tanya. Be not loud, Tanya. Walk slow, Tanya. Sew thing, Tanya. Why not like Anya, Tanya?” Tatiana twisted her pendant a little too hard, then released ... more
        • Can I make that better?Dorian, Sat Nov 24 20:11
          Dorian was torn. His heart still hurt from what Tatya had said to him. It had felt like she was making fun, like she would never understand... But everything she was saying made it sound like she... more
          • If anyone can, you're a good candidate.Tatiana, Sat Nov 24 21:28
            Tatiana considered Dorian’s point. “Probably you right,” she admitted with a sigh. “All is bad, no? We should have - chto eto? Land with water all circle - “ she wheeled her hand around in a circle,... more
            • You're not so bad yourselfDorian, Sat Nov 24 21:46
              "Island," Dorian replied. "Yes please," he said quietly, almost pleadingly. His abstract picture of the future had been... him and Jehan in the centre, but his friends had always been there, in the... more
              • Spasibo :)Tatiana, Sat Nov 24 22:40
                Island . Tatiana noted the new word. It was a good word. “Hǎorén hé​​ tùzǐ,” she agreed, stroking his hair affectionately and understanding his description of who would be... more
                • De rienDorian, Sat Nov 24 22:54
                  OOC - although Tatya's reply was written with the correct tones, permission was obtained to suggest she messed them up. IC "Concentrate on your tones, Tanushka. Good people do not drink bunnies,"... more
                  • Warning: I'm attempting philosophy.Tatiana, Sun Nov 25 18:33
                    Tatiana couldn’t help giggling when her tones were corrected. “That word - always I do it bad,” she sighed. “Is very stupid,” said Tatiana slowly, thinking. “Why - why they say, must be one, must be... more
                    • *stands back*Dorian, Sun Nov 25 18:50
                      "Please don't change," Dorian replied, squeezing his sister tightly, "Do not change you, and do not change this opinion."
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