Sylvia Mordue
Sat Nov 24, 2018 21:22

Julius Astley's lineage sounded suitably impressive. She had known it anyway of course, but there was knowing it and then there was hearing him say it, with the proper French pronunciation. Even though he was too young to consider marrying (boys were immature, so it was sensible to set her sights on slightly older boys, such as Simon's friends) he seemed like an excellent acquaintance to cultivate.

"On the whole, it's quite pleasant," she replied, feeling it best to keep relatively neutral. It didn't do to be too keen, especially as there were lesser types all over the place, but nor could one insult a school run by a Brockert and attended by the likes of them. It was best to stick to the middle ground, especially until she knew Mr. Astley's opinion in more depth. "Especially the time spent in Crotalus, where one can mix with mostly proper people.

"How do you find it? And how is the paper coming along? I'm looking forward to the first issue."

  • Good. Finally. Julius Astley, Sat Nov 24 21:03
    "Julius Astley of the Californian Astleys and the Chasseloup de Laubats of France," he confirmed, perhaps unnecessarily given that she clearly knew. Still, he always thought it sounded impressive and ... more
    • Likewise — Sylvia Mordue, Sat Nov 24 21:22
      • Re: LikewiseJulius Astley, Sat Nov 24 22:10
        Julius' view did not match that of Sylvia's. He thought that the school was acceptable at best. Despite having been attending the institution for nearly a whole year, he still would prefer to be... more
        • Ladylike pursuitsSylvia Mordue, Sat Nov 24 22:41
          "I look forward to reading about it. It's a shame they don't let us spectate these training matches. It sounds like a good match from what Nathaniel and my brother said - and the right side came out... more
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