If you say so
Sat Nov 24, 2018 21:55

Heinrich liked flying well enough. Last year he had been convinced to join the Aladren team by the German-speaking captain (well, he tried speaking German, which had been more than most could) though Heinrich had opted not to join the school wide team this year. Quidditch just wasn't really one of his passions, and besides, he was worried about his name getting talked about too much if he played for the school, increasing its chances of getting recognized. Not that he probably would have made the team anyway, which was another point against trying. Heinrich didn't really like proving that he wasn't flawless at anything - though English was doing a good number on his pride on that point - and he would rather be better than he was currently before he attempted to try out with actual competition.

But he like flying, and he was pretty good at that, so on nice days like today, it was good to bring out his broom and get some fresh air.

An older boy called out to him, asking a question he was reasonably certain he understood though he knew he would have phrased it differently had he been the one doing the asking. He wasn't sure if this was a local idiom difference or if his own ability to construct sentences was showing flaws again. "I am going off to fly," he agreed, using the same preposition the native speaker used because English prepositions were hard, and while his understanding of them suggested 'off' was inappropriate in the context, he was nowhere near certain enough of that to not mimic the American.

  • It's a lovely day to go flying!Victor Callahan, Sat Nov 24 18:02
    It was a nice day outside, so had Victor decided to go for a fly. Despite not being a Quidditch player, he enjoyed flying. Ever since being taken to a broomstick race when younger he'd been hooked by ... more
    • If you say so — Heinrich, Sat Nov 24 21:55
      • Ooh good, company!Victor, Sun Nov 25 06:44
        Heinrich was three years below Victor, so Victor didn't know him that well. However, he seemed a nice enough sort, and Victor thought he was from a good family - he wasn't that aware of German... more
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