Julius Astley
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Sat Nov 24, 2018 22:10

Julius' view did not match that of Sylvia's. He thought that the school was acceptable at best. Despite having been attending the institution for nearly a whole year, he still would prefer to be taught in the comfort of the Astley Manor. However, considering that he was conversing with a Pureblood and the very school he was sitting in was run by a Pureblood family, it was probably wise to keep those particular thoughts to himself. His father would not be happy if he found out that Julius had upset two very important families.

"I rather like the library," he said instead and at least it wasn't a lie. "It is quite comfortable and the collection of books is impressive."

He didn't say that the Astley private library was better.

"We are still working some things out in regards to The Aronos, though I can tell you that we covered the Quidditch match," he told her, extremely pleased that she was taking such an interest in the publication. "We are also looking into the different clubs active in Sonora."

He reached for his glass of juice for a drink before continuing, "That's about as much as I can tell you without giving too much away and spoiling the release of the first issue," he gave a polite smile. "Are there any clubs or interests that you have?"

  • LikewiseSylvia Mordue, Sat Nov 24 21:22
    Julius Astley's lineage sounded suitably impressive. She had known it anyway of course, but there was knowing it and then there was hearing him say it, with the proper French pronunciation. Even... more
    • Re: Likewise — Julius Astley, Sat Nov 24 22:10
      • Ladylike pursuitsSylvia Mordue, Sat Nov 24 22:41
        "I look forward to reading about it. It's a shame they don't let us spectate these training matches. It sounds like a good match from what Nathaniel and my brother said - and the right side came out... more
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