I love you for lots of reasons
Sat Nov 24, 2018 22:16

"Well, I wasn't going to try the self-analysis whilst under their influence. I no longer am, by the way. This is as normal as I get

"I figured that a good test of my faculties was whether I could remember all the words to Firework. And it just didn't seem right not to give it my all. Um, whilst feeling the effects of the potion of course. I am prefect and would never be so disruptive normally," he added with a smile. He wasn't really sure whether Confused Kir had forgotten that signing loudly was not socially appropriate or had just stopped caring. It was a little hard to tell the difference. Certainly Sober Kir had no regrets and had not been sorry to be given the excuse...

  • That's why I love youZevalyn, Sat Nov 24 21:34
    Zevalyn laughed at Kir's little joke, then nodded approval of his analysis of self-assessment. "Ah, Confusing and Confounding solutions," she remarked in understanding. "They would make self-analysis ... more
    • I love you for lots of reasons — Kir, Sat Nov 24 22:16
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