Let us commence the rock hunt
Sun Nov 25, 2018 01:40

Mikey's grandpa had definitely sung that same little line during their camping trips, so he smiled at her reference. "We're gonna catch a big one," he sang.

"That's true, I guess I'm scared of falling flat on my face in front of everyone." Mikey shrugged his shoulders. "I don't know about the position. Seekers always look so cool, and being a Keeper looks painful and boring, so I think I want to be either a Beater or a Chaser. Probably a Chaser. It seems like the most exciting. Have you played a game yet?"

Soon they were outside, and Mikey's eyes dropped to the ground. "Alright, now to look for the perfect rock," he said. It felt nice to be in the sunshine and he felt his spirits returning to him already.

  • Off we goNess, Sat Nov 24 18:49
    "We're going on a rock hunt," Ness sang cheerfully. Mikey seemed like he knew Muggle things if he wanted to play soccer, so Ness expected him to get the 'bear hunt' reference. A slight smile appeared ... more
    • Let us commence the rock hunt — Mikey, Sun Nov 25 01:40
      • Get them or they'll get youNess, Sun Nov 25 02:01
        Ness smiled as Mikey joined in. "Well, if you do, I promise not to laugh, and I'll tell anyone who does that they're a jerk," Ness assured him, when he mentioned fear of falling flat on his face.... more
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