Sun Nov 25, 2018 08:54

Jehan was working on his homework in the library. He was quietly and peacefully engrossed in the world of augureys when a sudden slam sounded right near him. His head shot up in surprise, and he found Luke Powell at his table, glaring at a pile of books.

  • Ugh [tag Jehan]Luke Powell, Sun Nov 25 08:49
    Luke hated CATS. He hadn't even sat the exams yet and already he hated them. It was getting to that time of year that the professors kept bringing up that dreaded word and the swotty kids couldn't... more
    • Huh? — Jehan, Sun Nov 25 08:54
      • Hmm...Luke, Sun Nov 25 09:14
        Luke noticed a young boy looking at him across the table. "Oh sorry, kid. You don't mind me working here?" The boy's answer wasn't going to change the fact that Luke was sitting there, but it was... more
        • ...err...Jehan, Sun Nov 25 09:29
          "Um, that's fine," said Jehan, not minding the company, although he hoped that Luke wouldn't continue to make lots of crashing noises. He wasn't sure if he should say anything else, feeling a little... more
          • AhhLuke, Sun Nov 25 09:49
            "Good," Luke nodded. "I mean, not good that it was complicated... but, you know." He wasn't really sure what to say. It was fairly evident that Jehan was into dudes and he didn't think he could... more
            • MmhmmJehan, Sun Nov 25 12:01
              "Yes, I had fun," confirmed Jehan, picking up confidence as Like seemed to be interested in chatting to him. "The dancing was good, though next time I'm going in more fun dress robes. Black's just... more
              • DuhLuke, Sun Nov 25 12:10
                Luke gave a light chuckle in response to Jehan's mention of dress robes. He could certainly imagine the boy wearing something flamboyant. Luke didn't mind his own "boring" dress robes, although much... more
                • OohJehan, Sun Nov 25 12:23
                  Jehan considered the bonfire and the ball. The bonfire had definitely been more fun, as he'd got to spend time with his friends in a more relaxed setting. "I've only been here for the bonfire and the ... more
                  • EyyyLuke, Sun Nov 25 12:41
                    "Oh yeah, course," Luke remarked, realising he had forgotten that Jehan was two years below him. He raised his eyebrows slightly at the mention of tent-sharing, hopefully subtlety enough that Jehan... more
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