Oh, good!
Sun Nov 25, 2018 09:36

Vlad laughed. "Nah, I'm fine," he said despite the slight pain; he was certain the stinging in his toes would fade any minute now. "Sorry about the noise, anyway." A library was hardly the place for being noisy. "What are you reading?"

  • "Hi, Vlad!" replied Jehan, happy to see his friend but concerned about the noise, which he now realised must have been connected to the offending book. "Have you hurt yourself? I guess the library... more
    • Oh, good! — Vlad, Sun Nov 25 09:36
      • Yay for friends!Jehan, Sun Nov 25 12:16
        Jehan frowned slightly but decided to accept Vlad's response. He supposed a book couldn't do too much damage. Unless it hit your head, which could have all manner of interesting side effects. He... more
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