Rory Taransay
I wasn't sneaking, but I'm not sure you weren't!
Sun Nov 25, 2018 16:04

Rory had been up late going over a report he was submitting for the kelpie reserve he was helping to set up in Scotland. There was lots of paperwork to do in order to register the reserve with the Ministry of Magic, and he wanted to make sure everything was done in plenty of time so there would be no hold-ups.

Determined to finish writing the report that evening, he'd completely lost track of time, and it was well into the night when he finished up and headed back to his rooms.

The corridors were generally deserted at this hour, and he was mentally still going over what he'd written, so much so that he was almost unaware of his surroundings until he rounded a corner and almost walked stright into a rather dishevelled looking Tabitha.

"Tabitha? What are you doing up at this time of night?" he asked, surprised to see her.

  • I'm totally not sneaking around...Tabitha Hawthorne, Sun Nov 25 15:58
    Tabitha seemed to lose a lot of time when she was in Mary's private rooms. This probably had a lot to do with the fact that most of that time was spent doing a lot of things that wouldn't be... more
    • I wasn't sneaking, but I'm not sure you weren't! — Rory Taransay, Sun Nov 25 16:04
      • I-I was no... Oh, forget it. Tabitha Hawthorne, Sun Nov 25 16:11
        There was something about being confronted in the middle of the night that threw Tabitha back into her teenage years, when she was frequently sneaking around with JJ at all hours of the night when... more
        • Rory raised an eyebrow. 'With' Mary? Given everything - the late hour, Tabitha's appearance, the lipstick mark, Tabitha's general shiftiness - he didn't think it had been a purely social call. "And... more
          • Nope and I'm going to die of embarrassment.Tabitha, Sun Nov 25 16:23
            Tabitha wasn't entirely sure if her cheeks got get any hotter or redder than that moment. "Well, we were and are..." she said, slowly. "But we're also... Well, you see, Greece had a lot to do with... more
            • Aww, Tabitha seemed to be getting embarrased! Rory couldn't help the grin that was coming to his face, especially as Tabitha tried to explain. "Is Greece a euphemism, or a reference to that fact that ... more
              • At the moment, I think you mean *your* fun.Tabitha, Sun Nov 25 16:43
                It was clear that Rory was obviously enjoying the situation. If she a little honest, it was pretty funny. Also, she couldn't ignore the feeling of relief in her stomach. At least somebody in the... more
                • "Ohh, that explains that," laughed Rory, his confusion over what Greece meant exactly cleared up. If the look on Tabitha's face was anything to go by, the holiday had been enjoyable. "I wouldn't... more
                  • I guess it is pretty funny.Tabitha, Sun Nov 25 16:54
                    Tabitha had been nodding along to Rory's words which made a lot of sense. Maybe she could use them when talking to Mary about it? Then, her ears caught the mention of a name that she couldn't match... more
                    • This isn't quite so funnyRory, Sun Nov 25 17:28
                      Ah. Rory winced, and mentally rammed his head into the nearest wall, realising he'd brought up a subject he was never particularly happy discussing, and especially not late at night when he was tired ... more
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