Warning: I'm attempting philosophy.
Sun Nov 25, 2018 18:33

Tatiana couldn’t help giggling when her tones were corrected. “That word - always I do it bad,” she sighed.

“Is very stupid,” said Tatiana slowly, thinking. “Why - why they say, must be one, must be other? Look you - I love fenpu too. I not think - you boy, I girl, I think? I think, you Dorya, I Tatya. We us. Not - thing with problems. That is not a thing with problems.”

  • De rienDorian, Sat Nov 24 22:54
    OOC - although Tatya's reply was written with the correct tones, permission was obtained to suggest she messed them up. IC "Concentrate on your tones, Tanushka. Good people do not drink bunnies,"... more
    • Warning: I'm attempting philosophy. — Tatiana, Sun Nov 25 18:33
      • *stands back*Dorian, Sun Nov 25 18:50
        "Please don't change," Dorian replied, squeezing his sister tightly, "Do not change you, and do not change this opinion."
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