Welcome mind. It is a mess.
Sun Nov 25, 2018 18:46

"Oh," Dorian replied, when Parker explained that this was part of class. "Maybe..." he nodded. He didn't really remember asking Parker questions but also... didn't not remember it. It sounded somehow familiar.

"My name is Dorian Xinyi Montoir. My sibling are Matthieu Qiang Montoir et Émilie XXXX Montoir," he replied, slipping slightly and using the French form of 'and.'
"And Tatya. Not actually but she.... is similar. And if you write down Tatya, you have to write Jehan too. He is very important."

His eyes moved curiously over the paper Parker had told him he had filled out.

"You have an Émilie too!" he smiled, the word for sister being synonymous in his head and getting mixed up. "Wait... I know about this.... About your Émilie... Your Émilie and another Émilie... go together. Not my Émilie though. Tatya's. Yes! You and Tatya have Émilies that go together. Mine does not though. Why?" he asked Parker sadly.

OOC - he would get Émilie's middle name correct.I just haven't decided what yet

  • That's not good.Parker, Sun Nov 25 18:23
    Oh no. This was going poorly. Parker didn't know what to do. Dorian seemed to be much more lost than he'd been. "Umm... This is part of class. See," he said pointing to Dorian's paper. "You asked me... more
    • Welcome mind. It is a mess. — Dorian, Sun Nov 25 18:46
      • Your mind seems both familiar and foreign.Parker, Sun Nov 25 19:36
        Parker wrote down his siblings names. They were beautiful and seemed to combine multiple cultures into one. As Dorian went on about his sister Parker realized Dorian was using his sister's name... more
        • It's like that to me too sometimesDorian, Sun Nov 25 19:53
          "Vlad is my roommate," Dorian said. Because.... because Parker had said roommates. And this was a fact. "They are in Canada," he answered easily, regarding his siblings, "And Matthieu can stay there. ... more
          • You seem nice enough thoughParker, Sun Nov 25 20:01
            Parker made a note about Canada and a mental note to ask about his brother. Or at least apologize for doing so. It seemed from the reaction that his brother was as bad as John Jr. Or at least... more
            • What about you though?Dorian, Sun Nov 25 22:23
              Parker said they should move but he stayed still, so Dorian did too. People were strange. Especially today. “At school… We do going to class. And homework. Those are the main bits of school. I always ... more
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