What about you though?
Sun Nov 25, 2018 22:23

Parker said they should move but he stayed still, so Dorian did too. People were strange. Especially today.

“At school… We do going to class. And homework. Those are the main bits of school. I always do these things with Jehan and Tatya, or sometimes with Ruby and Vlad, except for today, which is... wrong. You are here instead. And I don’t know you properly." He glanced around the room a little anxiously, his eyes finding Tatiana and then Jehan. He turned back to Parker, “But… but it is ok. I answer your questions, and then it will be normal again,” he verified, “At school... we live here too, so we do… eating, sleeping. These things. I like to do languages with my friends. Ya... govor….. Russki… s Tatya,” he said haltingly. It did not register that he was not supposed to speak Russian with Parker because the fact that he was talking about Tatya somehow overrode that, combined with the distraction of how much mental effort it currently was to put that sentence even vaguely together. “Je parle surtout anglais avec Jehan mais son français est très bon et je lui donne la pratique supplémentaire. Tāmen dōu jiǎng yīdiǎn zhōngwén. Bùshì hěn hǎo, dàn tāmen cháng- nǐ bù huì shuō zhōngwén. You don’t speak Chinese,” he corrected himself, “I… why I am speaking Chinese to you? And… how long back did I start? Did I answer your question?”

OOC: with appaling grammar and missing pieces ‘I speak Russian with Tatya’
In fluent French and Chinese ‘I mostly speak English with Jehan but his French is very good and I give him extra practise.’
‘They all speak a little Chinese. Not very well but they try- you don’t speak Chinese’

  • You seem nice enough thoughParker, Sun Nov 25 20:01
    Parker made a note about Canada and a mental note to ask about his brother. Or at least apologize for doing so. It seemed from the reaction that his brother was as bad as John Jr. Or at least... more
    • What about you though? — Dorian, Sun Nov 25 22:23
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