Mary Brooding
Late and Uninvited
Mon Nov 26, 2018 03:15

When Tabitha left Mary's room, Mary was mostly asleep. This was fairly normal as she was an early-to-bed, early-to-rise sort. Still, she made an effort to get up and kiss Tabitha goodnight. When she returned to her bed and realized Tabitha had left several important school papers, reflective of their shift in focus from grading to....other activities.... Mary knew she needed to return it.

At this hour, the odds of anyone else being up was small and Mary wasn't worried when she stepped out of her room in stockinged feet and a sleeping gown. It felt like being a student again, sneaking out of bed after hours. The idea of an actual student finding her like this was unbearable though so she put that aside.

When she sounded a corner and saw Tabitha standing there, she did not think about the fact that she was doing just that: standing there. Instead, she called out in the best impression of flirting that her sleepy voice could manage.

"Now, Professor Hawthorne, up after hours and without your papers no less?" she teased. "I do think that requires a particular sort of detention that--"

Oh. Rory was also out of bed.

Mary wrapped her arms around herself to protect what the sheer material of her nightgown failed to (although she wasn't quite exciting enough even to wear something indecent to bed), and tried not to look as embarrassed as she felt.

"Uh... Good evening then. Lovely night?"

  • Oh, oops.Tabitha, Sun Nov 25 19:22
    Tabitha might’ve been stupidly caught out that night but she wasn’t a stupid person. It was clear by Rory’s brief answer that whoever Amelle was, she wasn’t a subject that he necessarily wanted to... more
    • Late and Uninvited — Mary Brooding, Mon Nov 26 03:15
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