How did I become known as the bad Teppenpaw?
Fri May 17, 2019 20:11

Jozua blinked in mild surprise at Kir. This was as much because they had stopped talking about dead people and now were suddenly . . . not as because of the request itself. Or at least, he assumed they weren’t talking about dead people if Kir wanted him keeping the younger student’s unTeppish comments a secret. Well, Jozua supposed it could still be about dead guys, but Kir just wasn’t willing to share his opinion about them with the general populace.

Which sounded nothing like Kir at all so he was sticking with his original guess that they weren’t discussing dead guys.

“Sure,” Jozua promised. “I’ll take it to my grave.” Which was, undoubtedly, an excessive amount of silence for whatever Kir was likely to say, but Jozua was more than willing to take a break from the dead guys and Kir seemed a bit out of sorts anyway, so a poke of humor surely wouldn’t hurt anything.

  • Bad Teppenpaws (tag Jozua)Kir McLeod, Fri May 17 19:52
    Kir sighed and put down his history book. He was doing extended study with Jozua, which was normally fun, only Kir found he was not in a very 'having fun' kind of mood. He had been trying hard to... more
    • How did I become known as the bad Teppenpaw? — Jozua, Fri May 17 20:11
      • Who said I was talking about you?Kir, Fri May 17 20:30
        "I will take your word as a gentleman and not force you to make the unbreakable vow," Kir grinned, in response to Jozua's very serious offer. Already the problem felt smaller by putting it in the... more
        • My guilty conscience, I guessJozua, Fri May 17 21:17
          Jozua grinned back as his escape from using the unbreakable vow, but then sobered as Kir shared what was bothering him. Jozua had no idea how he had become the go-to guy for Teppenpaw Prefects... more
          • I think you're a pretty good oneKir, Fri May 17 21:42
            Kir laughed at loud at Jozua's suggestion of a duel, which again, really helped. The follow up suggestion of 'but actually, semi-seriously... duel her' was an interesting take. "I'll consider it," he ... more
            • Jozua shrugged, figuring dueling wasn't the ideal solution for everyone, and if Kir thought it was a last resort, that was up to Kir. "Vent as much as you need to," he offered, as that seemed to be... more
              • And it wasn't bad adviceKir, Sat May 18 21:57
                "I don't know... I mean, I've more tried to do piece by piece damage control. Like... Could we maybe listen to everyone? Could we not scare people? Maybe a conversation about our overall project... more
                • You didn’t take it thoughJozua , Sun May 19 06:35
                  Jozua laughed (quietly - this was the library) at the assertion he was rolling high on diplomacy today. “My dice must be on fire,” he joked. “I get the plus one bonus for being a Teppenpaw, but my... more
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