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Fri May 17, 2019 20:46

Heinrich was a little surprised when Dorian approached him at dinner. Hilda had already eaten lunch with him, so he wasn't expecting her company, and Evelyn had many other friends and he wasn't quite sure 'friends' was quite the right word with her either. There weren't really any other people he was close enough to sit with intentionally, or who would purposely seek him out, so he often found himself eating alone or with a random Aladren who happened to chose a seat near to him.

Intentional approach by a Teppenpaw (other than Johana Leonie, and she was usually accompanied by Hilda) was all but unheard of, and Heinrich wasn't sure if this was something he should be more confused by or concerned about.

The opening statements eased his concerns, however, and he was left with mostly confusion. The concert? He was in the concert. But why was a Teppenpaw talking to an Aladren about it when they were in different acts?

Oh. A banner. Dorian wanted to propose a multi-lingual banner. Heinrich was still a bit baffled why this concerned him. Why was his opinion being sought for something so simple? German was represented on the potions ingredients, so why should it not be represented on the welcome banner? Hilda would like that. Heinrich himself still felt a bit more at ease when he saw German words looking back at him rather than English ones. And while Uncle Karl was perfectly fluent in English, even he would probably appreciate it, and well, Hans was six. Hans could read English and German about equally badly.

"I think it is a good idea," Heinrich said, even though he couldn't imagine anyone objecting to such a thing, and therefore remained uncertain why he was being asked about it. "But I am not international," he added, because Dorian had mentioned that this was the criteria that earned him a voice. "I live in Utah now." That part of Everything was not secret. That, he had come to terms with almost two years ago.

  • Wilkommen et bienvenue (tag Heinrich)Dorian, Fri May 17 20:10
    "Good evening," Dorian had noticed Heinrich alone at the Aladren table and made his way over, as he had been meaning to speak to him. He could have talked to Johanna-Leonie, but he wanted to ask... more
    • und Welcome — Heinrich, Fri May 17 20:46
      • I suppose we should include thatDorian, Fri May 17 21:19
        "Oh. Sorry," Dorian apologised, clearly mortified when Heinrich pointed out that he was not 'international.' He supposed technically Tatya wasn't either, though he rarely thought of her as American - ... more
        • It seems fairHeinrich, Fri May 17 21:44
          Heinrich was probably a bad person for thinking it, but he was relieved when Dorian - who was a year older, and presumably came to Sonora a little better prepared for it than Heinrich had - admitted... more
          • No, that was last yearDorian, Fri May 17 21:53
            "Yes," Dorian answered, surprised to find a question about identity politics that was actually easy to answer. "I am Canadian, from the French-speaking part. And my mother is Chinese, so..." so I'm... more
            • That is English wordplay. Very clever.Heinrich , Fri May 17 22:20
              “Deutscher Einwanderer,” Heinrich identified himself readily. The question had been how he regarded himself, and that was the accurate answer. He added the translation soon after, however, so Dorian... more
              • *bows* Thank youDorian, Fri May 17 23:07
                "That is helpful," Dorian nodded, when Heinrich mentioned his uncle, assuming him to be an addition to Heinrich's family unit and not a replacement for his parents. "My parents... They just use... more
                • You're welcomeHeinrich, Sat May 18 18:50
                  Heinrich had not run into too many negative reactions to using the word immigrant, but that may be because this was the first time he had used it. He supposed most people probably did just assume he... more
                  • And other Disney greatsDorian, Sat May 18 21:05
                    Snakes. Non-metaphorical snakes. No people, and not meaning bad people, just literal snakes. "Oh," said Dorian. He knew you were supposed to say something complimentary when someone told you about... more
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