Mary Brooding
The one that lets me share them with you.
Fri May 17, 2019 22:53

Mary thought it was probably true that cookies and booze fell into separate categories of fun, but chuckled anyway.

"Sorocize sounds good," Mary laughed. She thought of Tabitha in her room, and then of trying to enjoy a night of some low-key adult fun anywhere else on campus, and decided neither of those were ideal. "If you don't mind, coming in sounds good. I don't want to invite myself in if that's no good for you though."

Mary smiled, raised her eyebrows, and offered a playful expression to show she was up for anything.

  • Which answer gets me the cookies?DH Skies, Fri May 17 22:42
    Selina jumped slightly at the knock on her door. It was late enough that it meant it probably wasn't anything good. She was therefore very relieved when, upon opening the door and finding a member of ... more
    • The one that lets me share them with you. — Mary Brooding, Fri May 17 22:53
      • NiceDH Skies, Sat May 18 00:11
        "No, that's fine. Please come in," Selina smiled. She was perfectly happy to have Mary visit her, she just hadn't wanted to assume that this was a party for two if she merely being invited to come... more
        • I try to be. Mary Brooding, Sat May 18 00:37
          Mary smiled and took Selina's invitation, stepping into her room and breathing in the soft scent of a very cozy professor. Her rooms were nice, which made it all that much lovelier. "Where do you... more
          • You succeed very oftenSelina, Sat May 18 22:13
            "On the table," Selina smiled, indicating a low coffee table in front of the sofa where they could sit. She summoned a bag of chips from one of the cupboards, feeling that she should contribute... more
            • Oh, that's so nice of you to say!Mary Brooding, Sun May 19 01:12
              Mary nodded her thanks and did as she was told, taking a seat. She chuckled a little at Selina's display of nerves, a rare insight into the steadfast woman's private concerns. "I was going to ask... more
              • And nice of you to doSelina, Sun May 19 01:36
                "They're doing very well," Selina smiled. She checked off a couple of recent milestones, along with more anecdotal evidence of how well the pair were doing. "Yes" she agreed, when Mary mentioned... more
                • We are both so nice. It's lovely. Mary Brooding, Sun May 19 01:55
                  Mary squeed appropriately in all the right places and was all around a perfect audience for hearing about baby things. It made her happy and she was all smiles, nibbling on a cookie as she listened.... more
                  • Go usSelina, Sun May 19 03:14
                    "So do I," Selina answered, when Mary stated the hope that Andrew James was happy, "Complicated question, I think. But I believe that things are moving forward for Cleo. It's nice if that makes the... more
                    • Team Awesome-Lady-ProfessorsMary, Sun May 19 15:32
                      Mary couldn't have been happier to hear Selina's answer. It was a bit unnerving to think of the "customer is always right," or "parent is always right," sort of mindset that some seemed to have, and... more
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