...though the day is young.
Sat May 18, 2019 09:47

Tatiana shook her head. "No," she said. "No jewelry box. Bah. Is stupid."

She looked at her friend curiously. "So. It is only boys who talk so? Girls do not say such stupid to you?" Dorian clearly knew more of these things than she did, and was more willing to explain things than Mama, so it seemed natural to follow up with a quick lesson on how other people - western people and Asian people, at least, maybe - did things. "Though your eyes not like sapfir. Or any jewelry. But are nice," she added quickly, not wanting him to assume she meant a specific slight against his appearance. "Not about eyes - just - girls do not the flirtation? Only boys?"

  • PhewDorian, Sat May 18 09:42
    "I don't know," Dorian shrugged, when Tatya asked why she was thinking about this boy now. "You were looking in your jewellery box and it reminds you?" he suggested.
    • ...though the day is young. — Tatiana, Sat May 18 09:47
      • YikesDorian, Sat May 18 20:57
        "Mama sometimes tells to Emilie that she flirts too much, so girls can. But... I am not really sure how it is. I am not sure the difference between flirt and being friendly." Or between flirting and... more
        • Tatiana listened intently to the wisdom Dorian was doling out, nodding at the mention of Emilie. Emilie was like Sonia, then. But how was that? Did Emilie and Sonia say the same stupid things as the... more
          • Accidents can hurtDorian, Sat May 18 22:06
            "My reading is funny, I assume," he shrugged answering his own question, "I am the funny one. The odd, gone away one. Such a curiosity. Her brother, he is nice though. "I think that is normal," he... more
            • Let's try to avoid them then.Tatiana, Sat May 18 22:42
              "I go away too if stupid girl giggles at me," said Tatiana quickly, not liking Dorian to call himself 'odd.' She knew that word, more or less, and after what she had found out over the summer, she... more
              • I would like thatDorian, Sat May 18 22:52
                "Ah. Yes, Katerina mentions it," Dorian confirmed. He did not know the specific word Tatya had used but he recognised the version of her sister's name. He had forgotten that it hadn't been Tatiana... more
                • Likewise.Tatiana, Sat May 18 23:04
                  "Both!" said Tatiana with a laugh when asked if she would like to be a jeweler or just wear jewelry. "I go to world, see all, get good jewels, make them pretty - but to sell, maybe that not good... more
                  • Let's be careful thenDorian, Sat May 18 23:08
                    "Because," Dorian replied, "If cute boys are going to tell you nice things, and then be sitting about in your thoughts, I want to know that they are decent, honorable and kind cute boys. Not just... more
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