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Sat May 18, 2019 18:50

Heinrich had not run into too many negative reactions to using the word immigrant, but that may be because this was the first time he had used it. He supposed most people probably did just assume he was one of Sonora's international students and left it at that.

And in Utah, well, "Where I live, there are snakes," he stated factually. "Many snakes. It gives," he shook his head, grimacing, upset with himself for almost using a literal translation of the German phrase. Starting over, he continued with just a bit too much emphasis on the first two words, "There are no other families from anywhere nearby. The region has name: the badlands. Most people want not to live there."

  • *bows* Thank youDorian, Fri May 17 23:07
    "That is helpful," Dorian nodded, when Heinrich mentioned his uncle, assuming him to be an addition to Heinrich's family unit and not a replacement for his parents. "My parents... They just use... more
    • You're welcome — Heinrich, Sat May 18 18:50
      • And other Disney greatsDorian, Sat May 18 21:05
        Snakes. Non-metaphorical snakes. No people, and not meaning bad people, just literal snakes. "Oh," said Dorian. He knew you were supposed to say something complimentary when someone told you about... more
        • Heinrich was not expecting a complement about his Uncle’s home after his description of it. Badlands, snakes, people avoided the region - none of these warranted any kind of positive thoughts about... more
          • It's probably good you're notDorian, Sun May 19 06:48
            "Ah," Dorian nodded when Heinrich explained the situation. Raising snakes for Potions ingredients did not sound like a pleasant career option to him, but it made the situation make a lot more sense,... more
            • Agreed. One Jasmine is more than enoughHeinrich, Sun May 19 16:10
              Heinrich frowned a little, trying to figure out how to explain clearly without touching on anything too close to his bigger issues. "Potions is good subject," he stated, carefully, "but not because... more
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