That's what I was afraid of
Sat May 18, 2019 19:12

Gary sat down in the offered seat, grateful but more scared than ever. Now what? Thankfully, despite it's infestation of winged insects, his stomach reminded him of one reason that he had come down here. So he started gathering food onto his plate. It was more delay, he knew but his brain was still floundering... how does one initiate a normal conversation? He had to say something to her soon, or his reason for choosing this seat from all the other empty ones would be strange, right? He panicked.

"So... how go... things?"

  • That's how the saying goes, I thinkJasmine Delachene, Sat May 18 19:05
    Jasmine looked up in surprise as Gary approached and questioned the availability of the nearby empty seat. She'd thought he seemed to be avoiding her lately and hadn't entirely been sure why. But he... more
    • That's what I was afraid of — Gary, Sat May 18 19:12
      • Just put everything you say inside b tagsJasmine, Sat May 18 19:19
        Jasmine gave him a raised eyebrow. He was being weird. "Things go fine," she said carefully, like she was a little bit concerned he might not be entirely okay himself. "I'm dancing in Crotalus's... more
        • Hmm.. could work....Gary, Sat May 18 19:27
          "That's good." She was looking at him funny, he was failing his charisma checks... nuts! She'll run away screaming at any moment now... He had to fix this, she mentioned the concert, he could maybe... more
          • Of course it willJasmine, Sat May 18 19:38
            Skits? That did not sound very musically inclined. Weren't concerts supposed to be about music? No mattter, not important. "Oh, we have a choreographed routine that shows off strategic planning as a... more
            • Any other good advise?Gary, Sat May 18 19:50
              She was smiling! Success! "Awesome, that's great!" This was working, now what? Compliments maybe? Why was talking to people so hard? "I'm sure you'll be fantastic up on stage." Umm.. his under... more
              • Talk about horses. Or Disney.Jasmine, Sat May 18 20:02
                Jasmine beamed, pleased by his certainty of her performance skill. "Thanks. I'm excited for my family to come see it. Will yours be there?"
                • That is good adviseGary, Sat May 18 20:15
                  Gary nearly snorted the food he had been swallowing out through is nose at her question as a realization struck him. "Sorry... I just... yeah." He took a brief moment to collect himself again. "I'm... more
                  • You're welcomeJasmine, Sat May 18 20:22
                    Jasmine was torn between covering her mouth in amusement and being genuinely concerned as Gary snorted on his food. He recovered quickly though, so she allowed a small smile, which grew a little as... more
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