Gary Harper
Sat May 18, 2019 19:55

Gary looked around him, but saw only stone walls and Zevalyn standing with her clipboard waiting for a response. "Heh... ummm..." He certainly didn't want to be on stage in front of people, he wasn't crazy. "I'd prefer backstage I think." He gave her a grin, "I work best from behind the screen... err scene."

  • Aladrens! Casting Call!Zevalyn, Sat May 18 19:32
    Well, they had a script and basic plan, and she'd gotten a few volunteers from her initial sign-up sheet for roles, but a lot of names were missing and she really needed to sort out the cast. Ness... more
    • Uh-oh — Gary Harper, Sat May 18 19:55
      • Great, thanks!Zevalyn, Sat May 18 19:58
        "Great!" Zevalyn declared, marking Gary down as backstage help. "Effects? Making set pieces? Anything in particular you'd like to do backstage? Or should I just mark you down as Backstage... more
        • No problemGary, Sat May 18 20:07
          "Umm..." he thought for a moment, "Miscellaneous sounds fine. I'll do whatever I can to help backstage."
          • Perfect Zevalyn , Sat May 18 20:28
            “Perfect,” Zevalyn said as she made a few more marks into her clipboard. “Thanks, Gary. I’ll get back to you when I know what we’re going to need for sets and stuff.”
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