Talk about horses. Or Disney.
Sat May 18, 2019 20:02

Jasmine beamed, pleased by his certainty of her performance skill. "Thanks. I'm excited for my family to come see it. Will yours be there?"

  • Any other good advise?Gary, Sat May 18 19:50
    She was smiling! Success! "Awesome, that's great!" This was working, now what? Compliments maybe? Why was talking to people so hard? "I'm sure you'll be fantastic up on stage." Umm.. his under... more
    • Talk about horses. Or Disney. — Jasmine, Sat May 18 20:02
      • That is good adviseGary, Sat May 18 20:15
        Gary nearly snorted the food he had been swallowing out through is nose at her question as a realization struck him. "Sorry... I just... yeah." He took a brief moment to collect himself again. "I'm... more
        • You're welcomeJasmine, Sat May 18 20:22
          Jasmine was torn between covering her mouth in amusement and being genuinely concerned as Gary snorted on his food. He recovered quickly though, so she allowed a small smile, which grew a little as... more
          • Now to figure out how to implement itGary, Sat May 18 20:41
            Family. Yes, that's a good topic. "Oh yeah? How do you feel about her being here? Excited as well, or..?" he let the sentence drift off, not quite sure how to finish it.
            • AnyaJasmine, Sun May 19 15:25
              "Oh, Anya is fine. I wouldn't say I'm excited exactly; I doubt we'll see much of each other unless we make an effort to. First years and fifth years don't have a lot of overlap, and she's going to be ... more
              • Oh? Hmm...Gary, Sun May 19 16:11
                "Pecari huh? You sound pretty certain of that." He thought quickly of a statement she had just made. "So, if you parents were both Pecari, she'll be following the family tradition, and you're the... more
                • You're not very good at this, are you?Jasmine, Sun May 19 16:32
                  Jasmine frowned, not really liking the way Gary phrased that. She was not a black sheep. She was more like her mother than Anya was. "Mom could have just as easily gone to Crotalus, too," Jasmine... more
                  • No... not at all...Gary, Sun May 19 16:59
                    "Sorry..." Gary looked sheepish, he had really botched that one. Now what? Family may not be the best at this point, but be may need it yet to transition. He'd have to risk it. "What do you and your... more
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