The weeds
Sat May 18, 2019 22:38

"Yes," Cleo smiled, happy to find she shared a feeling in common with a member of the gardening club. It shouldn't have really been surprising, given that they'd signed up to be a part of this, but some people liked the pretty end results but not the hard work that went into getting them. It made her feel more confident that her club members would show up and help out knowing they shared her feelings. "It's satisfying when you've made it better. And for me, gardening's as much about the process as the end result."

  • What bad bits?Ivy, Sat May 18 22:16
    "Not really." Ivy replied. "Weeding is part gardening and in all honesty, I find it sort of...relaxing you know? Like some people do with crafting."
    • The weeds — Cleo, Sat May 18 22:38
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