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Eliza Steinbeck
Author Disclaimer
Sun Oct 16, 2016 15:43

Hi guys!

Hope everyone is having a wonderful time at Sonora. I would like to make a quick disclaimer..

I, The Author, dont share the close-minded opinions of some of my characters. I´ll try to keep it down, but I dont want anyone to take anything said or done by my characters as personal.

IF I offend someone I would prefer you come to me personally to discuss it instead of starting attacks on my persona.

I respect everyone in this site. I am looking to enjoy Sonora to the best of my abilities. PLEASE if my writing is getting in the way of your fun, let me know. We are all adults here.


    • Seconding this!Sébastien Évreux, Sun Oct 16 15:51
      I'd like to second this, and say that I hope people understand that anything a character says or thinks does not reflect the opinions of the author and should not be taken personally! We're all here... more
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