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Adrianna Dupree
Tue Feb 14, 2017 19:18

Did I hear mention of my name? My name is Adrianna Dupree.

Unfortunately, it's obvious that Victor and I are related, however, I hope none of his behavior reflects on me. Who would ever want to be in the fun house when there are houses with such better traits, such as Aladren, which my father was in, or Crotalus. Both clearly superior choices. Aside from that, our tastes are vastly different. I do not care for flying in the least and you wouldn't catch me up a tree. I have better things to do with my time - dance being just one of them.

I cannot wait to meet all of the proper gentlemen and ladies upon my arrival.

  • HeyMilo Tremaine, Tue Feb 14 13:14
    Hi guys, I'm Milo, despite what my sister Ayla may or may not have told you. I'm looking forward to coming to Sonora and being able to explore and eat whatever I want without parents hovering over... more
    • Hello — Adrianna Dupree, Tue Feb 14 19:18
      • I am having a really hard time believing this.Zevalyn Ives, Wed Feb 15 11:27
        Hello, I am Zevalyn. I'm almost fourteen and should be going to high school, but apparently there's actual real magic in the world and I can do it, and it was causing some problems not having any... more
        • Me too, for different reasonsJen White, Wed Feb 15 14:57
          Hey. I'm Jen. Don't care where I'm sorted, but my own room would nice. I like skateboarding but I am parental forbidden from bringing my board. So I guess that's over. Whatever.
          • Um..?Cleo James, Sat Feb 18 00:34
            Hi. I'm Cleo. I live with my dad and we run a store. I'm not really sure what house I want to be in - my dad's a wizard but he didn't go to this school. I hope it's one where people are nice and that ... more
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