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Zevalyn Ives
I am having a really hard time believing this.
Wed Feb 15, 2017 11:27

Hello, I am Zevalyn. I'm almost fourteen and should be going to high school, but apparently there's actual real magic in the world and I can do it, and it was causing some problems not having any training. So here I am. For training. In magic. This is somehow my life.

  • HelloAdrianna Dupree, Tue Feb 14 19:18
    Did I hear mention of my name? My name is Adrianna Dupree. Unfortunately, it's obvious that Victor and I are related, however, I hope none of his behavior reflects on me. Who would ever want to be in ... more
    • I am having a really hard time believing this. — Zevalyn Ives, Wed Feb 15 11:27
      • Me too, for different reasonsJen White, Wed Feb 15 14:57
        Hey. I'm Jen. Don't care where I'm sorted, but my own room would nice. I like skateboarding but I am parental forbidden from bringing my board. So I guess that's over. Whatever.
        • Um..?Cleo James, Sat Feb 18 00:34
          Hi. I'm Cleo. I live with my dad and we run a store. I'm not really sure what house I want to be in - my dad's a wizard but he didn't go to this school. I hope it's one where people are nice and that ... more
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