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Nathan Xavier
Orientation is posted in the Gardens!
Fri Feb 24, 2017 10:06

Please remember to follow site rules when posting: Only post if you have received an acceptance letter. Use 3rd person narrative. Minimum 200 word count. PG Rating.

Welcome to a new year at Sonora, everyone!

  • Other (nm)Nathan Xavier , Fri Feb 24 10:00
    • Important notice!Chairs, Fri Apr 14 23:39
      We would like to bring to attention that after some changes to our staff, we are currently seeking several new staff members. Top priorities are filling the opening positions of Defense Against the... more
    • AwayThe many characters of DH Skies, Fri Apr 7 10:10
      Wow, a load of lovely replies have appeared in my inbox over the last couple of days! Aaaaand, I'm off! I'm going to Vietnam for 2 weeks, starting at 6.30am tomorrow! I will get back to you all in a... more
    • Sawyer...Kir, Fri Mar 24 05:25
      You mentioned in a few posts last year that Kir would be welcome over the summer. Can we assume that happened and/or post it on wts to know how it went?
      • Sorry for the delay!Sawyer, Fri Mar 31 00:45
        Yes, we can assume Kir came over anytime he wished too. Sawyer's family is pretty easy going. All fun summer activities are welcomed to be assumed. :)
    • Map of Sonora StudentsLouis Valois, Tue Mar 7 10:06
      So, I remembered someone once mentioning that we used to have a map of Sonora students and, in a moment of extreme procrastination, decided that would be a useful thing to reinstate. I've created it... more
      • ALSONewells, etc., Tue Mar 7 15:30
        We have a chart of students and locations so we know who was on what wagon. I've just gone and updated the list to show the correct years for everyone and added all the first years. I think I got all ... more
    • House cupDH Skies, Sun Feb 26 01:30
      Last term's house cup has been awarded and the reward posted in the Mirage Chamber. A section has been started on the F&F thread too, for anyone who wants to post about it there.
    • About Fast and FuriousHeadmaster Brockert, Fri Feb 24 13:56
      I just realized that this hasn't been explained for anyone who does not know what it is. What is it? Sonora Fast and Furious is a posting event where the word count is waived. This leads to short,... more
    • Orientation is posted in the Gardens! — Nathan Xavier , Fri Feb 24 10:06
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