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Jack Spencer
Message to John.
Wed Mar 22, 2017 12:20

John, please let me know if Isis's OOC post affects your decision at all in choosing Louis over Jack. Jack's reaction to the Quidditch signup sheet is pending.

  • Attention: Captain John UmlandProf. Isis Carter, Sun Mar 19 00:52
    I've just realized that I've made an error in the letter of recommendation for Aladren Quidditch. If you'll recall, I had Isis suggesting Louis Valois, but that means that I've accidentally passed... more
    • Message to John. — Jack Spencer, Wed Mar 22 12:20
      • Apologies from LouisBackstabbing Louis, Wed Mar 22 16:31
        You might have seen it by now, but John has offered the position to Louis in a post under Isis's message in the Aladren Common Room!
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