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Liac, do you need me to put up the sign up sheet? (nm)
Thu Mar 23, 2017 08:16

  • Quidditch and Clubs (nm)Nathan Xavier , Fri Feb 24 10:01
    • Choir is up in MARS!Angelique (and Emerald) Brockert, Sat May 6 15:07
      Angelique-For those who want to show off their vocal talents, I am proud to announce our new school choir! (Emerald-Please join. Or she'll coerce me into doing it.)
    • Tepp RosterGinger Pierce, Wed Apr 26 08:32
      Keeper: Ginger Pierce Seeker: Eden Manger Beaters: Liac Reinhardt, Jozua Sparks Chasers: Joe Umland, Natalie Varth, Alex Leifson
    • Aladren RosterJohn Umland, Tue Apr 25 21:07
      Beaters: John Umland, Dustin Newell* Chasers: Jack Spencer, Louis Valois*, Kit Reid Keeper: Florence Newell* Seeker: Amelia Layne * - Arrangement made by a combination of Louis' sign-up and the... more
    • Pecari RosterCapt. Joella Curtis, Fri Apr 21 04:51
      Chasers: Joella Curtis, Ingrid Wolseithcrafte and Madison Leifsson Beaters: Sammy Meeks and Ben Pierce Keeper: Luke Powell Seeker: Lily Spencer
      • Players needed!Coach Kinsell, Mon Apr 24 04:08
        More players needed for Aladren, Crotalus and Teppenpaw teams. If there are no more potential players, Captains should discuss forming joint teams. Please act asap as the first match of the year is... more
    • Library sign ups are postedLibrarian Fox-Reynolds, Sat Apr 1 02:20
      But if no one wants to, it's honestly fine.
      • Be careful what you post....John Umland, Mon Apr 24 19:23
        ...Because you just might get a student wandering up to ask you literally any question in the sign-up thread.
    • Liac, do you need me to put up the sign up sheet? (nm) — Ginger , Thu Mar 23 08:16
    • Attention: Captain John UmlandProf. Isis Carter, Sun Mar 19 00:52
      I've just realized that I've made an error in the letter of recommendation for Aladren Quidditch. If you'll recall, I had Isis suggesting Louis Valois, but that means that I've accidentally passed... more
      • Message to John.Jack Spencer, Wed Mar 22 12:20
        John, please let me know if Isis's OOC post affects your decision at all in choosing Louis over Jack. Jack's reaction to the Quidditch signup sheet is pending.
        • Apologies from LouisBackstabbing Louis, Wed Mar 22 16:31
          You might have seen it by now, but John has offered the position to Louis in a post under Isis's message in the Aladren Common Room!
    • Reminder/scheduleDH Skies, Tue Feb 28 05:52
      Dear House Captains, Reminder: since orientation was introduced, older students have access to the commons before the feast, and you are welcome to post your sign ups at any time, they are due by... more
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