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DH Skies
Tue Mar 28, 2017 20:12

With faceclaims, I think it would be weird to have two people in school at the same time with the same face but I would be open to:

Re-using any claims of characters who don’t finish
Re-using ones who have been gone a certain amount of time

There’s a bunch of minor details we overlook to make reality make cohesive sense. I don’t see why this shouldn’t be one of them. It’s not like anyone’s going to break the fourth wall by having someone flip through the yearbooks and see that these two people have EXACTLY THE SAME FACE and coming up with a time-travel conspiracy. We’re all smarter than that.

To a certain extent, I thought the posting requirements were a good rule. It definitely pushed people to post last year. However, there were a couple of problems I saw with it.

The law of unintended consequences.
It’s always hard to predict how these things will pan out in a system as complex as Sonora. My problem with prioritising sheer number of new threads is that’s not the only thing of value. Committing to a long thread and giving lots of replies, or writing posts in length and detail are both equally valuable and potentially pushed aside. We already see most threads stopped before a conversation reaches its natural end, and I can’t help but feel this exacerbates that problem.

2) Carrots instead of sticks
I’ve always been more of a fan of rewarding what people are doing well than punishing the bad. You could say being included in the yearbook was a reward but as it was something that we’d always had that authors suddenly faced being excluded from if they didn’t do well. I’d rather have a positive system.

This brings me to the above mentioned idea of author awards. These would be things like ‘frequent poster’ but also awards that reflect posting in a long thread, posting in detail, or whatever other aspects of writing people think should be recognised. If people are in favour of this idea, we can try to work out more details. It might be possible that it replaces the yearbook for a time, as this will take some work to get off the ground.

  • Yearbook, faceclaims etcChairs, Tue Mar 28 19:59
    Amelle has left Sonora. The yearbook was a voluntary project run by her, and so this means there will be some changes, unless anyone wishes to pick it up as a project (this may involve doing so from... more
    • Adding my thoughtsLouis Valois et al, Wed Mar 29 03:07
      I've just been reading through the comments, and everyone seems to have some really great points. Let me add my thoughts in a hopefully coherent fashion: 1)Yearbooks: incorporating these into the... more
      • Agreed...Brockerts, Wed Mar 29 03:30
        about the posting requirements. I feel like last year when we had to do so many, I neglected replies. However, with regards to the long gone authors, sometimes people come back though.
        • Returning authorJen White , Sun Apr 2 10:41
          As one of the returning authors mentioned - it has been over 10 IC terms since my last character graduated - I thought I might as well add my opinions. This is sort of rambling, so keep with me if... more
          • Not one but..Brockerts, Tue Apr 4 10:56
            I fully agree about yearbook surveys being exhausting.
          • Any more returners?Selina, Mon Apr 3 19:52
            Thanks for the input, Jen. It's good to know that as a returning author you wouldn't have found that upsetting or off-putting. If there are any other returning authors who would like to voice their... more
    • OpinionsNathan, et al, Tue Mar 28 20:52
      1) Yearbook: If nobody else claims it, and everyone doesn't mind waiting a term or two until I get other site stuff working on the new server, as well as getting profiles going, I can incorporate a... more
      • Mine tooNewells, etc., Tue Mar 28 22:20
        I agree with everything Nathan said. I am especially interested in emphasizing part of his 3rd point: authors should be allowed to choose to release theirs or not. It could be easily noted on a list... more
        • CompromiseBrockerts, Tue Mar 28 22:36
          How about reusing the ones from the actor/model already taken list/ ones that didn't finish (except younger versions of people who did cuz I had like multiple pics of a couple of mine) but not the... more
    • My thoughtsBrockerts, Tue Mar 28 20:19
      I suggest getting rid of the one about how many posts you have to do to claim a face but NOT allowing people to reuse old face claims. I'd rather not have people take away ones I've been using since... more
      • Re: My thoughtsNathan, Tue Mar 28 21:00
        I'm not against claiming faces for periphs, however, that's going to put dibs on a lot more people if it is used heavily, so if we do allow periph claims, I think we'd have to allow multiple... more
        • Well then...Brockerts, Tue Mar 28 21:05
          I change my mind on the periphs thing because I DO NOT WANT multiple people having the same claim AT ALL (other than identical twins) Thanks. And yeah, that was it. Except we'd do them at the... more
    • Opinion — DH Skies, Tue Mar 28 20:12
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