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Re: My thoughts
Tue Mar 28, 2017 21:00

I'm not against claiming faces for periphs, however, that's going to put dibs on a lot more people if it is used heavily, so if we do allow periph claims, I think we'd have to allow multiple characters to have the same claim, so long as no current students have the same one (except in the case of identical twins).

Thumbs up to Advertising Awards.

I've forgotten what the Salem awards were. Was that something some or all graduates received from the staff at the Good Bye Feast/End of Year Event?

  • My thoughtsBrockerts, Tue Mar 28 20:19
    I suggest getting rid of the one about how many posts you have to do to claim a face but NOT allowing people to reuse old face claims. I'd rather not have people take away ones I've been using since... more
    • Re: My thoughts — Nathan, Tue Mar 28 21:00
      • Well then...Brockerts, Tue Mar 28 21:05
        I change my mind on the periphs thing because I DO NOT WANT multiple people having the same claim AT ALL (other than identical twins) Thanks. And yeah, that was it. Except we'd do them at the... more
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