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Newells, etc.
Mine too
Tue Mar 28, 2017 22:20

I agree with everything Nathan said. I am especially interested in emphasizing part of his 3rd point: authors should be allowed to choose to release theirs or not. It could be easily noted on a list by putting an asterick by the name or something to denote that they're not open to reuse.

  • OpinionsNathan, et al, Tue Mar 28 20:52
    1) Yearbook: If nobody else claims it, and everyone doesn't mind waiting a term or two until I get other site stuff working on the new server, as well as getting profiles going, I can incorporate a... more
    • Mine too — Newells, etc., Tue Mar 28 22:20
      • CompromiseBrockerts, Tue Mar 28 22:36
        How about reusing the ones from the actor/model already taken list/ ones that didn't finish (except younger versions of people who did cuz I had like multiple pics of a couple of mine) but not the... more
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