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Wed Mar 29, 2017 03:30

about the posting requirements. I feel like last year when we had to do so many, I neglected replies.

However, with regards to the long gone authors, sometimes people come back though.

  • Adding my thoughtsLouis Valois et al, Wed Mar 29 03:07
    I've just been reading through the comments, and everyone seems to have some really great points. Let me add my thoughts in a hopefully coherent fashion: 1)Yearbooks: incorporating these into the... more
    • Agreed... — Brockerts, Wed Mar 29 03:30
      • Returning authorJen White , Sun Apr 2 10:41
        As one of the returning authors mentioned - it has been over 10 IC terms since my last character graduated - I thought I might as well add my opinions. This is sort of rambling, so keep with me if... more
        • Not one but..Brockerts, Tue Apr 4 10:56
          I fully agree about yearbook surveys being exhausting.
        • Any more returners?Selina, Mon Apr 3 19:52
          Thanks for the input, Jen. It's good to know that as a returning author you wouldn't have found that upsetting or off-putting. If there are any other returning authors who would like to voice their... more
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