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Jen White
Returning author
Sun Apr 2, 2017 10:41

As one of the returning authors mentioned - it has been over 10 IC terms since my last character graduated - I thought I might as well add my opinions. This is sort of rambling, so keep with me if you can.

In my opinion, face claims should not be considered as anything more than a basic and rough pictorial presentation to make writing tools like journals, profiles, etc. more visually appealing. The more we rely on photos, the less we rely on writing, and as this is a creative writing site, I feel that's where the focus should lie. Having said that, I do accept that having the same faceclaim for multiple characters in the same school could be confusing.

I also feel, however, that the author should be in charge of choosing the face for their character. This will, in some circumstances, help a more accurate representation to be found, and may also reduce instances of multiple pictures if same faceclaims are made. Consider, for example, an actress with or without make/up, with long or short hair, with blonde or brown hair - the author is the person best placed to select the picture. With that in mind, if two authors want to use entirely different images of the same celebrity I don't see an issue with that, providing both the authors in question are amenable. However I appreciate that might be further complicating an already not so simple conundrum.

Concerning using pictures of characters that have graduated, or the author leaves and then returns (like me), I certainly don't mind if people would have used the same photos in my absence. It's hard to find character likenesses, in my experience, and being limited by characters that were written years ago, or who didn't even make it past second year, would be annoying. In short: I'm all for reusing faceclaims.

I appreciate that some authors may not share my opinion, and would prefer to keep their own pictures exclusively for their character. While I understand that it could be jarring to see the same RL person used for a character who is not yours, I think we need to remember that we do not own any of these RL people, or their photos, and that we are only borrowing these pictures temporarily for characters that exist in our writings regardless of a chosen RL representative. Perhaps it may be feasible to state explicitly you require an exclusive claim, on an opt-in basis, with all other claims assumed to be automatically fair game for anyone else to use.

Peripheral characters should not, I feel, have official claims, merely because they will not be featured in the yearbook or on student profiles and so claiming them seems like an unnecessary kerfuffle.

I don't know what posting minimums are in place to be awarded a place in the yearbook, but two threads per midterm seems reasonable to me to be considered active (but I haven't been here for a while so feel free to disagree on this point, as well as any others I have made or am yet to make). Also rewarding authors with recognition seems a good idea.

I like the sound of having the yearbook be integrated more into the site (while I'm here, just mentioning that lots of the links onsite are broken and/or outdated, which is probably very confusing for newcomers).

I recall doing yearbook surveys every year was exhausting. If that is still a thing, I fully advocate just doing awards for the graduating year.

Um, that's all I can think of right now. Thanks for sticking with me folks.

  • Agreed...Brockerts, Wed Mar 29 03:30
    about the posting requirements. I feel like last year when we had to do so many, I neglected replies. However, with regards to the long gone authors, sometimes people come back though.
    • Returning author — Jen White , Sun Apr 2 10:41
      • Not one but..Brockerts, Tue Apr 4 10:56
        I fully agree about yearbook surveys being exhausting.
      • Any more returners?Selina, Mon Apr 3 19:52
        Thanks for the input, Jen. It's good to know that as a returning author you wouldn't have found that upsetting or off-putting. If there are any other returning authors who would like to voice their... more
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