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Any more returners?
Mon Apr 3, 2017 19:52

Thanks for the input, Jen. It's good to know that as a returning author you wouldn't have found that upsetting or off-putting. If there are any other returning authors who would like to voice their opinion, especially if it differs?

I also can see 'opt in' rather than 'opt out' having merits. Anyone who is very passive or not really feeling strongly about this argument may well never bother to say 'yes, it's fine, reuse mine' which means they're keeping hold of faceclaims without really caring either way. I think that, in the first instance, an email would go out to all authors prompting them to answer one way or another. It's probably best if silence on the matter (after a decent amount of time to respond) is taken as a 'no opinion/you can release them' rather than meaning their faceclaims stay in limbo.

  • Returning authorJen White , Sun Apr 2 10:41
    As one of the returning authors mentioned - it has been over 10 IC terms since my last character graduated - I thought I might as well add my opinions. This is sort of rambling, so keep with me if... more
    • Not one but..Brockerts, Tue Apr 4 10:56
      I fully agree about yearbook surveys being exhausting.
    • Any more returners? — Selina, Mon Apr 3 19:52
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