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Ben Pierce
Sports Club
Mon Jun 26, 2017 21:03

We'll do some kind of sporty thing. Probably exhibition-ish like the Dueling Club is doing, but where they're doing a couple mock-duels, we're going to showcase all the different sports we play, so it's not so much live sports as highlight clips that we recorded during club meetings and maybe a few people on stage tossing around balls during transitions or something.

For this to work, I assume Wizards have some kind of video recording technology/spell.

  • ConcertDH Skies, Sat Jun 17 23:29
    Dear club leaders, You have until July 21st, at which point the concert will be posted, to work out what you're doing. IC, you have to submit this to Selina. OOC, it would be helpful to know which... more
    • Art ClubGinger, Wed Jul 19 14:57
      The art club can probably provide decorations and any backdrops or stage props the other clubs might need.
    • Baking clubTess Whittaker, Sun Jul 2 12:57
      Baking club will provide assorted refreshments for the concert!
    • OrchestraLouis Valois, Sun Jul 2 12:46
      The orchestra will perform some of the pieces they've been working on throughout the year. Would it also be possible for individuals to perform, if they want to?
      • Question answeredLouis, Sun Jul 2 12:59
        Just seen the Cascade Hall post and read that there will be slots for other performances. Orchestra members: Louis is happy to help with/accompany performances if wanted!
    • Sports Club — Ben Pierce, Mon Jun 26 21:03
    • ChoirAngelique Brockert, Mon Jun 19 17:29
      The choir will be singing, of course.
    • Dueling ClubJozua, Sun Jun 18 18:26
      Dueling club will do a dueling exhibition.
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