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Newells, etc.
Probable absence
Mon Sep 4, 2017 21:26

Don't expect to hear from me too much this week; I'm probably working overtime and also have tech week rehearsals until my show opens on Friday.

  • Other (nm)Nathan Xavier, Fri Aug 11 10:36
    • This weekend - Sonora FAST AND FURIOUSDH Skies, Wed Sep 27 03:52
      What is it? Sonora Fast and Furious is a posting event where the word count is waived. This leads to short, sharp exchanges between characters, which can happen in almost real-time if both authors... more
    • Faceclaims discussion DH Skies, Thu Sep 21 04:23
      For those who are new to Sonora, faceclaims are actors whose picture is chosen to represent a character at the site. As Sonora has been going for many years, the list of 'claimed' actors is becoming... more
    • Choir signupsAngelique Brockert, Wed Sep 20 18:27
      Just so I can get a rough idea of who'll be joining. Also, put down if you joined last year. Thanks!
      • Oh!Angelique, Fri Sep 22 16:35
        Please put down your name even if you said in Chatzy you joined. Thanks!!
      • Yep, I'm in (nm)Jehan Callahan, Fri Sep 22 16:30
      • Also joined last year! (nm)Tess Whittaker, Fri Sep 22 16:29
      • Signing up (nm)Ruby Brockert, Thu Sep 21 16:00
      • Signing up (nm)Natalie Atwater, Thu Sep 21 15:58
        • OhNatalie, Thu Sep 21 15:59
          And I was in last year too.
      • I think soJasmine, Thu Sep 21 09:56
        If Peyton goes, I'm going too.
        • All rightPeyton O'Malley, Thu Sep 21 15:58
          Then I guess I'm going.
      • Will be joiningGeorgia, Thu Sep 21 03:59
        But didn't last year
    • Probable absence — Newells, etc., Mon Sep 4 21:26
    • I'm back!Fintoc & Co., Mon Aug 28 10:41
      Hi everyone. A few of you may have noticed that I've just started posting again in the last few days. I just want you all to know that yes I am planning to come back and start posting regularly this... more
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