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DH Skies
Faceclaims discussion
Thu Sep 21, 2017 04:23

For those who are new to Sonora, faceclaims are actors whose picture is chosen to represent a character at the site. As Sonora has been going for many years, the list of 'claimed' actors is becoming quite extensive. Historically, faces have never been open to reuse. However, this can be frustrating, especially for newer authors, who cannot choose their preferred actor, based on someone who is long since graduated having used it. Last year, we began but didn't conclude discussions on this...

Below is my best attempt to summarise where we got to, and to make a proposal that is a compromise between the varying opinions.

- It was widely agreed that characters who fade out/fail to graduate could be open to reuse. A cut off was not suggested, but I would like to suggest characters who don't make it to their fifth year will be reusable, at the point at which they would become fifth years (I feel this gives a good chance for those characters to come back, if they are just quiet for a year, and also minimises the overlap between anyone who would remember those characters and anyone new taking the faceclaim)

- There was less agreement on alumni characters. However, all authors agreed that for those who don't want to release faceclaims of their graduated characters, it should never be mandatory. It was suggested that keeping faceclaims should be 'opt in' rather than 'opt out' as one of the biggest issues is authors who are no longer present and participating affecting the choices current authors are able to make, and those who have left the site are the ones who are least likely to care whether their claims are reused, whilst also being very unlikely to respond to contact from the site about whether they are willing to release their faceclaims.

I would like to suggest that faceclaims of inactive authors are released one full student cycle after the character graduates (i.e. 7 years), with active authors being able to 'opt in' and release their faceclaims should they choose.

I'm going to let the discussion for this run in chatzy for a week. If there is any opposition, alternative ideas will put against this one in a poll. If it seems there is a consensus, we will move forward with things as stated here.

  • Other (nm)Nathan Xavier, Fri Aug 11 10:36
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    • Faceclaims discussion — DH Skies, Thu Sep 21 04:23
    • Choir signupsAngelique Brockert, Wed Sep 20 18:27
      Just so I can get a rough idea of who'll be joining. Also, put down if you joined last year. Thanks!
      • Oh!Angelique, Fri Sep 22 16:35
        Please put down your name even if you said in Chatzy you joined. Thanks!!
      • Yep, I'm in (nm)Jehan Callahan, Fri Sep 22 16:30
      • Also joined last year! (nm)Tess Whittaker, Fri Sep 22 16:29
      • Signing up (nm)Ruby Brockert, Thu Sep 21 16:00
      • Signing up (nm)Natalie Atwater, Thu Sep 21 15:58
        • OhNatalie, Thu Sep 21 15:59
          And I was in last year too.
      • I think soJasmine, Thu Sep 21 09:56
        If Peyton goes, I'm going too.
        • All rightPeyton O'Malley, Thu Sep 21 15:58
          Then I guess I'm going.
      • Will be joiningGeorgia, Thu Sep 21 03:59
        But didn't last year
    • Probable absenceNewells, etc., Mon Sep 4 21:26
      Don't expect to hear from me too much this week; I'm probably working overtime and also have tech week rehearsals until my show opens on Friday.
    • I'm back!Fintoc & Co., Mon Aug 28 10:41
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