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Natalie Atwater
Signing up (nm)
Thu Sep 21, 2017 15:58

  • Choir signupsAngelique Brockert, Wed Sep 20 18:27
    Just so I can get a rough idea of who'll be joining. Also, put down if you joined last year. Thanks!
    • Oh!Angelique, Fri Sep 22 16:35
      Please put down your name even if you said in Chatzy you joined. Thanks!!
    • Signing up (nm) — Natalie Atwater, Thu Sep 21 15:58
      • OhNatalie, Thu Sep 21 15:59
        And I was in last year too.
    • I think soJasmine, Thu Sep 21 09:56
      If Peyton goes, I'm going too.
      • All rightPeyton O'Malley, Thu Sep 21 15:58
        Then I guess I'm going.
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