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DH Skies
This weekend - Sonora FAST AND FURIOUS
Wed Sep 27, 2017 03:52

What is it?
Sonora Fast and Furious is a posting event where the word count is waived. This leads to short, sharp exchanges between characters, which can happen in almost real-time if both authors are on at the same time. Whilst we appreciate the skill and craft that goes into writing here, this can make one thread take a long time, each conversation taking weeks to complete. This means that building friendships (or rivalries) takes a long time, and that you only know how a limited number of people interact with your character. Sonora F&F is a chance to quickly change and expand that.

When is it?
This weekend! For 48 hours, starting from 6pm site time on Friday, and running until the same time on Sunday.

Where is it?
We use the Hospital Wing board, as it is rarely used. However, in character, the interactions can be set anywhere within the school. You can also continue your threads elsewhere on the site during the weekend, but normal posting rules and word counts apply to anything posted outside of the event.

The rules:
There are no rules! Ok, there are... In that all the usual rules, such as God-modding and the site's PG rating apply. The word count rule is waived. If you find your word count is creeping up and you hit the site word count anyway in a post, it doesn't matter - it's great if the event inspires a longer, more detailed thread.

  • Other (nm)Nathan Xavier, Fri Aug 11 10:36
    • This weekend - Sonora FAST AND FURIOUS — DH Skies, Wed Sep 27 03:52
    • Faceclaims discussion DH Skies, Thu Sep 21 04:23
      For those who are new to Sonora, faceclaims are actors whose picture is chosen to represent a character at the site. As Sonora has been going for many years, the list of 'claimed' actors is becoming... more
    • Choir signupsAngelique Brockert, Wed Sep 20 18:27
      Just so I can get a rough idea of who'll be joining. Also, put down if you joined last year. Thanks!
      • Oh!Angelique, Fri Sep 22 16:35
        Please put down your name even if you said in Chatzy you joined. Thanks!!
      • Yep, I'm in (nm)Jehan Callahan, Fri Sep 22 16:30
      • Also joined last year! (nm)Tess Whittaker, Fri Sep 22 16:29
      • Signing up (nm)Ruby Brockert, Thu Sep 21 16:00
      • Signing up (nm)Natalie Atwater, Thu Sep 21 15:58
        • OhNatalie, Thu Sep 21 15:59
          And I was in last year too.
      • I think soJasmine, Thu Sep 21 09:56
        If Peyton goes, I'm going too.
        • All rightPeyton O'Malley, Thu Sep 21 15:58
          Then I guess I'm going.
      • Will be joiningGeorgia, Thu Sep 21 03:59
        But didn't last year
    • Probable absenceNewells, etc., Mon Sep 4 21:26
      Don't expect to hear from me too much this week; I'm probably working overtime and also have tech week rehearsals until my show opens on Friday.
    • I'm back!Fintoc & Co., Mon Aug 28 10:41
      Hi everyone. A few of you may have noticed that I've just started posting again in the last few days. I just want you all to know that yes I am planning to come back and start posting regularly this... more
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