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Teppadren? Alanpaw?
Mon Oct 2, 2017 19:09

Awesome. So we basically just need to figure out who's the Seeker.

Chasers: Jack, Louis?, Amelia or Eden
Beaters: Jozua, Joe?
Keerer: Ginger
Seeker: Amelia or Eden

As I recall, Louis and Jack played Chaser together before, so they may work together better. Jozua and Joe are friends and Joe leaned beating from John, so they shouldn't be too bad as a beating pair. IC, Ginger would be inclined to give Seeker to Eden since she's won before, but Jack can try to make a case for Amelia if he'd like, especially since, author wise, Eden is very busy this term and Amelia may post more.

  • Right.Capt. Jack Spencer, Sat Sep 30 13:36
    The Aladren team also has three solid players: Jack (Chaser), Louis (flexible) and Amelia (Seeker).
    • Teppadren? Alanpaw? — Ginger, Mon Oct 2 19:09
      • Teppadren is the better-sounding of the two options. Team looks great. IC Jack wouldn't mind Eden being the Seeker; he'd prefer it since she's won before. With Eden as Seeker and Amelia as the third... more
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