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Pecalus or Crotari
Tue Oct 3, 2017 22:59

So, Pecari has six players, and really only needs one more. Crotalus has three to offer, however 2/3 of those are already fielding a player on the Pecari half of the team, AND one on the Teppadren team.

Simon/Tatya and Ben/Winston... What are your preferences, in terms of who you post? If you strongly want to post both characters, let us know, but I'm worried about you exploding.

Alistair... Are you here? You seem quite busy lately. To me, the easiest and most logical thing would be you taking Keeper if you can't post much, but I don't know how you feel about that? Below is the Pecari roster, so you can see how you feel you and your players would fit in.

Ingrid - Chaser
Sammy - Beater
Ben - Beater
Lily - Seeker
Tatya - Flexible (Chaser/Keeper)
Parker - Flexible (Chaser/Keeper)

  • Quidditch and Clubs (nm)Nathan Xavier, Fri Aug 11 10:36
    • Pecalus or Crotari — Ingrid, Tue Oct 3 22:59
      • Re: Pecalus or CrotariSimon/Tatya/ignore the lady behind the curtain, Tue Oct 3 23:12
        Exploding would be a concern for me for various reasons at the moment, so I'll stick Simon in as player and say Tatya got, to her immense disappointment, reduced to reserve on the bench, if it's all... more
        • Pecalus, I'd say.Ben/Winston, Fri Oct 6 21:02
          Ben definitely over Winston. Ben's more into it and has seniority. Plus, sports are his thing. Winston will be disappointed but as author, I can live with that better than posting three characters in ... more
          • Keeper?Ingrid, Mon Oct 9 00:58
            As Alistair hasn't made an appearance in this conversation, I'm not sure he's really here. Perhaps we can keep it vague about who is actually playing, and if it gets to the point where we need a... more
            • On a boat soonParker Fitzgerald, Tue Oct 10 05:52
              Howdy. Though Parker is suuuuuuuper excited to be on a team, the man behind the curtain just wants to be clear that on Saturday evening I'll be leaving on a snorkeling cruise with possibly limited... more
              • Have funIngrid, Tue Oct 10 08:54
                No problem. We know people's availability sometimes... isn't. Thanks for letting us know. Enjoy your trip, and we'll be super happy if you can join in the match too. If anything switches with... more
    • So, um, combined teams, right?Captain Ginger Pierce, Thu Sep 28 12:05
      So Tepp can field three solid players, Jozua can play if he has to, and Georgia made the mistke of walking onto the pitch during tryouts and can possibly be persuaded into being a reserve. We've got... more
      • Right.Capt. Jack Spencer, Sat Sep 30 13:36
        The Aladren team also has three solid players: Jack (Chaser), Louis (flexible) and Amelia (Seeker).
        • Teppadren? Alanpaw?Ginger, Mon Oct 2 19:09
          Awesome. So we basically just need to figure out who's the Seeker. Chasers: Jack, Louis?, Amelia or Eden Beaters: Jozua, Joe? Keerer: Ginger Seeker: Amelia or Eden As I recall, Louis and Jack played... more
          • Teppadren is the better-sounding of the two options. Team looks great. IC Jack wouldn't mind Eden being the Seeker; he'd prefer it since she's won before. With Eden as Seeker and Amelia as the third... more
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