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DH Skies
Advertising target! Let's get 15 in over midterm!
Mon Oct 30, 2017 13:41

As we hit midterm, that means advertising season is upon us once again. Advertising has never been mandatory at Sonora, and we'd like to keep it that way, whilst making sure everyone takes part in getting the word out about the site. So, this year, we're trying collective group targets and other ideas, to break advertising down into smaller, manageable chunks.

The first goal is to get 15 adverts done, as a group, by the end of Midterm.

There are 3 ways to advertise that we have known to work in the past:

1) Personal recommendations.
Have a friend who you think would fit in well? Recommend the site to them directly!

2) Social media posts
There are probably a bunch of secret Potter nerds in your friendship group. Post to your social media accounts about the site.

3) Review stories on
Please remember to add actual comments about the story so your review doesn't just seem like spam. It helps to have an account so that authors can message you. You will have to put spaces between the parts of the address, as they are otherwise automatically filtered out by (see sample text below).

'I'm from a creative writing RPG which involves all original characters and I feel you'd fit in well. Our applications are currently open or you can play on our 'sandbox' page to get a feel for it. It's sonora. terragenaonline. net (without the space) and I hope you'll check us out. Please message me if you have any questions.'

If anyone has any other ideas on places or ways for us to advertise, please add your comments here! Also, don't forget to add your reviews to the counter so we can keep track of our progress towards our targets. The counter cannot do maths, so you will need to enter a total for it, e.g. if it says '2' and you do 3 more reviews, you should enter '5'

  • Other (nm)DH Skies, Mon Oct 30 13:25
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      I am updating the list as per the general consensus, which was that after characters have been graduated for a full cycle, their claims can be reused. Authors are being asked to pick a new face for... more
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      • ResolvingNathan, et al, Mon Jan 1 14:24
        I intend to post every student character at least once every two weeks.
        • ResolutionsDH Skies et al, Mon Jan 1 15:55
          Nice! Solid, clear concise resolution. Mine's a bit more meandering... I will do one Sonora related activity (read a post/write 100 words/do an admin task) before I go on Facebook on any given day.... more
      • What about...Headmaster Brockert, Thu Dec 28 15:42
        Resolutions about advertising! Drumming up new membership is a very worthy goal
    • Advertising target! Let's get 15 in over midterm! — DH Skies, Mon Oct 30 13:41
      • Whoooo!DH Skies, Sat Nov 4 05:19
        We did it! Ok, so the feast went up a bit before the last few went in, but I'm willing to count 'Midnight on Friday' as the end of Midterm. THANK YOU! At the start of the week I was planning to leave ... more
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