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DH Skies
Nanowrimo Challenges
Tue Oct 31, 2017 05:35

Nano Challenges!

This year, the return to Sonora (almost) coincides with the start of November, which is Nanowrimo time. Rather than lose our authors to external projects, for the last few years we’ve been setting Nano challenges.

We have a couple of challenges that will run throughout the month. And, as the weeks go on, we’ll add new ones.

Our month long challenges are:

November’s longest thread: the thread that has the most posts will receive 15 house points for each participant. The only rules are that all posts must be made during November (i.e. no adding to old threads) and meet the site requirement of 200 words per post.

5 Minutes Every Day:
We often hear ‘I don’t have time for writing,’ and so one year when I was very busy during November, I set myself the challenge of writing for 5 minutes every day. Even though it didn’t sound like much, it was amazing what I achieved during that time. It did not always result in a completed post, and so this is not a challenge that we will be monitoring, but can be a challenge that you set yourself.

Long time, no see:
This challenge is especially to encourage back characters who have been quiet. If you have a character who wasn’t posted during the first part of the term, you can gain 5 house points by posting them anywhere during November.

We will also be setting additional challenges as the month goes on, and we want these to work whether you’ve got one character or a dozen. Therefore, where necessary, challenges will offer two options. Part a is aimed at those with 5 or more characters, whilst part b is open to everyone (i.e. if you only have one character, you can only claim credit for part b, but if you have 6 characters, you can choose which you complete for the points).

Returning Feast challenge:

The Returning Feast will be posted on November 3rd. Either… a) post ALL your characters at the returning feast or b) complete an exchange of at least 6 posts.

Whilst we try to read all posts, it is hard for staff to keep tabs on everything. Therefore, if you complete any challenges, please post an announcement and link below this post.

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