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DH Skies
Sat Nov 4, 2017 05:19

We did it! Ok, so the feast went up a bit before the last few went in, but I'm willing to count 'Midnight on Friday' as the end of Midterm.

THANK YOU! At the start of the week I was planning to leave some encouraging speech in chatzy about how I had a crazy week, and hoped you'd all pull together and help us get to the target, but I never got round to it. And still, when I resurfaced last night, the counter had ploughed on towards its target. Well done guys.

I really want people to be able to focus on and enjoy nano, so I'm not going to push advertising as much in November. However, I will say it's like writing... just five minutes a day can make a world of difference, so if we can keep that counter steadily creeping up in our spare time, that would be wonderful. I'd be delighted if it doubled over the next four weeks.

  • As we hit midterm, that means advertising season is upon us once again. Advertising has never been mandatory at Sonora, and we'd like to keep it that way, whilst making sure everyone takes part in... more
    • Whoooo! — DH Skies, Sat Nov 4 05:19
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