DH Skies et al
Mon Jan 1, 2018 15:55

Nice! Solid, clear concise resolution.

Mine's a bit more meandering...

I will do one Sonora related activity (read a post/write 100 words/do an admin task) before I go on Facebook on any given day.

This doesn't over commit me on days where I'm already really busy, but I hope to use it to make myself more aware and mindful of how much time I'm wasting on non-constructive Internetting and reduce that.

I did already fail this resolution this morning, as I forgot about it, but i will keep trying!

  • ResolvingNathan, et al, Mon Jan 1 14:24
    I intend to post every student character at least once every two weeks.
    • Resolutions — DH Skies et al, Mon Jan 1 15:55
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