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DH Skies
New first year introductions
Fri Jan 5, 2018 06:23


Welcome to the Out of Character (OOC) page. This is a place for authors to talk to each other as themselves, though we ask you not to share personal information here.

This thread is designed for authors of new first years to be able to introduce themselves and their characters.

    • Hello from newbeMasha Adin, Thu Jan 11 05:56
      Hi, my name is Masha (well not in RL but here I'll go by that name). I'm half-blood raised in muggle world but with a good grasp of the magical world as well. My mother is a muggle, archaeologist so... more
    • IntroductionLeslie Poe, Mon Jan 8 13:12
      Hi! So I'm super late for this but here we are. I usually rp on different websites or by email, so I'm new to this site. My character is Leslie Poe, who is a firstie and a muggle raised half-blood.
      • Welcome, and chatzy helpDH Skies, Mon Jan 8 15:55
        Welcome Leslie, great to have you. I saw you were asking in chatzy about how to use it. If you're on a computer, use 'join chat' and then under 'my preferences' you can turn on alerts. This way, you... more
    • Re: New first year introductionsChrystopher Mathilde, Sat Jan 6 20:35
      Hello! I'm a new author here who has been roleplaying on other sites for awhile so I decided to check out this one and enroll. My 1st year is Chrystopher Mathilde, who is the oldest of the family and ... more
      • Welcome!DH Skies, Mon Jan 8 15:58
        Welcome Chrystopher. Good to have you. If you would like further advice on using chatzy, please see my post above to Leslie.
    • Introductions Leilani-Alana Akau, Sat Jan 6 19:18
      Hi, Iím the author for a new first-year named Leilani-Alana, but who goes by the nickname of Alana. She hails from Hawaii, but recently moved to Arizona. She has a twin brother, who I may or may not... more
      • Nice to meet you!Michael DiCaprio, Sat Jan 6 19:41
        Hi Leilani! I'm a seasoned author on this site, but have a new one coming in named Michael. He's from Denver, Colorado and he's a half-blood with a younger brother who'll come in later years. Looking ... more
    • IntroductionSylvia Mordue, Fri Jan 5 06:25
      Hi, I am an author with several characters already at this site. My new first year is Sylvia, who is a very proper young Pureblood lady. Although there will be two other characters with the surname... more
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